Monday, August 30, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 8/30

So here in Virginia we might be getting a hurricane towards the end of this week. It's still up in the air, but I will be updating our hurricane kit this week in preparations. I'll plan the menu but it's likely if we get a hurricane we might not have power. If that's the case we'll be grilling out the rest of the week for dinner and having PB&J for lunches. Did you know you can cook spaghetti on a grill? I didn't until we had our last hurricane  many years back.

So here's whats on the menu:

Monday: Panini Sandwiches, broccoli, and tater tots
Tuesday: Aussie Chicken
Wednesday: Spaghetti with homemade sauce
Thursday: Black Beans, Rice, and Sausage    Hurricane Earl might be visiting this day.
Friday: Eat Out/grill
Saturday: Leftovers/grill
Sunday: Chicken Parmigiana, sweet potato fries, veggie/grill

Head on over to Org Junkie for more menu ideas!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday- 1,2,3

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

This is our first time doing Muffin Tin Monday. This weeks theme was numbers. Here is our tin.

1 dollop of yogurt.  2 pieces of waffle.  3 pieces of banana. 4 pieces of waffle. 5. pieces of banana. and 6 raisins. Not a wide variety, I know. But the boys loved it.
You may notice that apparently I can't count either becasue there are only 2 pieces of banana when there should be 3. Ugh. In my defense it was 7am and I had two hungry children that didn't understand what I was doing and why they couldn't just eat the waffle I just made them.
I got these star silicone pans on Clearance at Walmart last year. It came 2 to a pack for like $3. They are a PAIN to clean!

Blue Eyes was digging the raisins (with supervision).
Mr. Destructo went right for the yogurt.
I'll be linking these up to Muffin Tin Mom. On a side note, I found my 101+ cookie cutters so meals will be way cooler next week!

Tot School- Week 1

Tot School
Mr. Destructo is 32 months and Blue Eyes is 18 months.

This was my first week of doing Tot School with the boys. When I say "school" I don't mean sit around at a desk and drill numbers and letters. It's more like learn through play.

This week we worked on the letter "B". I don't plan to work on the whole alphabet in order. I don't feel he is ready for that. We are just going to work on the letters in his name. Here he is coloring a letter "B" that I made in Word and enlarged. He is using different mediums to color such as crayons, markers, chalk, and a pen.

 Then we practiced writing a letter "B" on the shaving cream bag. It didn't work very well. I think I had to much cream in the bag. He thought it was fun to have Buzz make foot prints.
 He loved that!

Then we worked on making our Blue collage with all things blue. He also got to practice cutting. (He needs more practice!) He used ribbon, sequins, tissue paper and streamers. It was great practice for his fine motor skills picking up the sequins. Then we hung it up in the window.

Then we played Ball. We practiced throwing the ball and I tried to show him not to cross the line and to toss it further. But that didn't work. He still had fun playing. Blue Eyes got in on this action too.

We played with Blocks too. He told me this was a helicopter.

When Daddy got home from work, we went out and rode Bikes. He loves his bike!

One game we played was "pinch its". He begged for this repeatedly! He had to use the tongs to pick up the pom poms and put them in the bowl. Such concentration.
 He told me this was a shark.
 Then he scooped with a tablespoon.
 Then he poured.
Then it was "go big or go home". He went all out picking up a ton of poms.
Mr. Destructo also enjoyed some free play and found a box which he decided was a ramp and then it was a tunnel. I love his imagination!

Blue Eyes also got in on the action this week. He gets his Tot Schooling during his brothers nap time. I love getting the one on one with each boy.

He also got to work on his fine motor skills picking up sequins and putting them on the contact paper sheets. He gets Occupational Therapy to work on his fine motor skills, this activity really made his use his pincher grasp.

He is also working on stacking things. He has never stacked more than 2 objects nor has he initiated stacking on his own. One day I caught him trying to stack his shapes from his shape sorter. He also loved playing with his shape sorter this week.

I also let him help me in the kitchen one day. He was shown to put the broccoli from the cutting board into the pan. He had to pick it up and place it in. Blue Eyes LOVES balls or anything that resembles a ball. He threw more broccoli into the pan than placed it in. But he did make most of them in. I was impressed.

He also got to play with the "pinch its". His job was to pick them up (pincher grasp) and place them in a small bottle. He really liked this and enjoyed trying to dump/pick them out. I don't know why I don't have a photo of that. Blue Eyes also gets one hour a week with his occupational therapist where they played puzzles and worked int eh sensory tub.He also spent one hour with his speech therapist this week where he worked on some words and some signs. He doesn't talk a lot. She was trying to get him to say "more" and he shocked us all when he plain as day said "I want more". WHAT!? I swear this kid is secret smart. lol

We had a great first week of Tot School. To wrap it up we went to the farmers market and practiced colors with Mr. Destructo and we visited the Teeny Tiny Traveling Petting Zoo. All of the animals were miniature.
Blue Eyes really liked the animals and we practiced the sounds the animals makes and talked about how they felt. Soft, furry, feathers and wet when the ducks shook all their nasty water on us. He wasn't scared of anything smaller than him, but he clinged on tight when the miniature llama came nearby.

I thoroughly enjoyed our first week of Tot School. I hope you enjoyed. You can find some more tot school posts and ideas at 1+1+1=1.

Please tell me if this was too many photos. I love my camera!


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