Monday, May 24, 2010

He's growing up!

Blue Eyes turned 15 months old today! Last weekend we took his binky (pacifier) away from him. For good. No more binks in this house! I can happily say that he is now 100% bink free!

But the most exciting news is that HE WALKED! You may remember in a few previous posts how I was worried that he still was not walking even though he was almost 15 months old. Well today he walked! I was talking on the phone to my mom and had told her that any day he was going to take his first steps. Not 5 minutes later he did! He walked from Dad to Mom, with Grandma on the speaker phone saying "hi" to him. Such a proud mommy moment!

You know they say the average age to walk is between 9 months and 15 months. I guess he was waiting till exactly 15 months just to be out side of the norm. Silly kid! Now I can proudly say, yes he can walk! Ahhh. I'm still so very excited for him!

Just some side info. Mr. Destructo walked exactly on his 9 month birthday and Blue Eyes walked exactly on his 15 month birthday! Interesting.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PT results

I've been a little absent lately from blogging but I've been trying to focus extra attention on my youngest son. I worry daily about his development and about his future. Is he on task with other almost 15 month olds? Is he going to need therapy? How can I provide the best for him? Did something happen during surgery? Did his brain get damaged before we got him the help he needed? Is he going to need another surgery? Are these bumps normal?
Blue Eyes had his physical therapy evaluation last week and they determined that he is a little behind but not significant. No, he's not walking yet. But he has mastered all of the things that lead up to walking. So while yes, he is almost out of the age range considered normal for walking, he'll get there.

Next we have to schedule an Occupational Therapy evaluation. They will determine if his fine motor skills are where they should be. These are the ones that worry me the most. He goes to see his pediatrician next week, I hope she can shed some light on whether or not she thinks we should see a therapist for that. I'm very anxious for his check up.

Until then, we will keep trying to teach a 15 month old how to squat. Yea, I'd like to see you try to teach that! She showed us how to do it at therapy and it looked pretty easy. We got home and both realized that maybe when she offered to do it with us, we should have. Oops. Lesson learned.

So while my baby boy isn't walking and all yet, he sure makes up for it in his cuteness!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fun photos!

Fun for me. Fun for Blue Eyes who loves the camera. Not so much for Mr. Destructo who wanted nothing to do with it. Maybe I just want to share some super cuteness. Maybe a little showing off? If you had the cutest kid in the whole wide world wouldn't you want to show them off? Not that your kids aren't cute....but you know. (I'm partial to my own). Without making you wait any longer...
Hope you enjoyed! I'm off to go play with the photos some more while the kiddos are sleeping!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

"Toddler Learns Lesson"- the hot and spicy way!

My son is 2.
He acts like a terrible 2.
He's developed an awful habit of helping himself to food on my plate.
Today was PAYBACK!
I made a Wanchai Ferry dinner kit tonight. (I got it on sale for about a dollar after coupons). I made the Kung Pao Chicken one. It's pretty spicy even for my husband and I and we love spicy. I toned the kids down and gave them very little sauce. In the kit is a packet of 4 dried chili peppers with seeds. I removed the seeds to help keep the heat down. I happened to get the peppers in my sauce, I just picked them out and put them on the side of my plate.

I KNEW Mr. Destructo would see it and go for it. I was prepared and had already gotten some milk for him. He was eating the spicy chicken and he really liked it, then he saw something different on my plate. Yep, he took the bait! I wish I had been able to tape his reaction. It went a little something like this!

Awful face.
Tongue out.
Hand in the mouth to remove super spicy chili pepper.
Reached for his milk and began chugging.
Milk drips from his mouth, he refuses to close it.
The crying started.
I tried to encourage drinking more milk, he refused.
He begged "brush teeth NOOOOWWWWW momma!"
Mommy and Daddy laughing their butts off.
Lesson learned!

That little boy and his grimy hands best not touch my food ever again!
(Ok, I'm just kidding, all of that really did happen, but I'm not an evil psycho mom. Just a mom tired of having her food stolen by a little kid. Please don't call CPS on me.)
By the way, Blue Eyes, he loves spicy food! But I feel a little bad that his chin got all red from the spice.


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