Sunday, September 12, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday- Movies

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

This week's theme on Muffin Tin Mom was Movies.

This was a no brainer (I thought) because my boys are in LOVE with Toy Story.

So how was I going to make Woody or Buzz? I had no clue. More like lost. So I thought maybe a different movie. Wasn't happening and I already told Mr. Destructo we were having a Buzz Lightyear muffin tin so he kept reminding me over and over and over again.

Then it came to me and here is our muffin tin!

Row 1: Hot dog cut to look like Slinky Dog, deli ham rolled up to represent Ham the piggy bank.
Row 2: Sweet potato fries for Mr. Potato head, cheese cut into a cowboy hat for Woody, and a grapeship/spaceship for Buzz Lightyear.

If you look close you can see the little Toy Story toothpick. I picked up a pack of 24 toothpicks and 24 cupcake liners at Walmart for $2. I bought them for his birthday party in December. I figured I could spare 2 toothpicks for MTM.

I thought it was pretty cool. Hope you liked out muffin tin!

You can find more Muffin Tin Monday ideas at Muffin Tin Mom!


  1. Very Cute! My boys would have liked your theme - thought about the same theme but wasn't creative like you! 1st time visiting your blog - cute! Signing up to follow you - I am a mom w/ little ones too & another due in Dec. I invite you to come visit & follow back if interested! Have a great week! :)

  2. Slinky dog is the coolest! My son would totally go for that.

  3. Love it!!! Envious of the toothpicks

  4. Super cute!! Love the slinky dog. We did Toy Story too, but mine isn't near as creative as yours.

  5. The hot dog is a great idea! Cute tin.

  6. I love how you reused the birthday things. I love your tin.

  7. So very, very cute! You did a great job pulling off the Toy Story theme! :D

  8. Great creative ideas! Love the way the characters were represented.

  9. I thought about the same theme too! But I don't have a cowboy shape (or any of the toys!) and beyond ham for the piggy bank (which I thought might be a little creepy, but I like how you did it!) I was at a loss for ideas!

  10. Great tin! Love the slinky dog. Your tin has made me realize that my kiddos haven't seen the Toy Story movies yet.



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