Monday, May 24, 2010

He's growing up!

Blue Eyes turned 15 months old today! Last weekend we took his binky (pacifier) away from him. For good. No more binks in this house! I can happily say that he is now 100% bink free!

But the most exciting news is that HE WALKED! You may remember in a few previous posts how I was worried that he still was not walking even though he was almost 15 months old. Well today he walked! I was talking on the phone to my mom and had told her that any day he was going to take his first steps. Not 5 minutes later he did! He walked from Dad to Mom, with Grandma on the speaker phone saying "hi" to him. Such a proud mommy moment!

You know they say the average age to walk is between 9 months and 15 months. I guess he was waiting till exactly 15 months just to be out side of the norm. Silly kid! Now I can proudly say, yes he can walk! Ahhh. I'm still so very excited for him!

Just some side info. Mr. Destructo walked exactly on his 9 month birthday and Blue Eyes walked exactly on his 15 month birthday! Interesting.


  1. Happy 15 months....and yay for walking

  2. I think the subsequent kids aren't as motivated to walk, since they have their parents and their siblings to cater to them. And there's nothing wrong with that :) I have four children, and my baby will be 15 mos next week, and she is just starting to walk now. Even though she *can* walk a bit, she still prefers not to. Her brothers all walked between 9-12 months. She's just taking her sweet old time, but I'm sure she'll get there eventually!

    Fun blog! I too have a hectic, happy home :) Love the title.



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