Saturday, May 1, 2010

"Toddler Learns Lesson"- the hot and spicy way!

My son is 2.
He acts like a terrible 2.
He's developed an awful habit of helping himself to food on my plate.
Today was PAYBACK!
I made a Wanchai Ferry dinner kit tonight. (I got it on sale for about a dollar after coupons). I made the Kung Pao Chicken one. It's pretty spicy even for my husband and I and we love spicy. I toned the kids down and gave them very little sauce. In the kit is a packet of 4 dried chili peppers with seeds. I removed the seeds to help keep the heat down. I happened to get the peppers in my sauce, I just picked them out and put them on the side of my plate.

I KNEW Mr. Destructo would see it and go for it. I was prepared and had already gotten some milk for him. He was eating the spicy chicken and he really liked it, then he saw something different on my plate. Yep, he took the bait! I wish I had been able to tape his reaction. It went a little something like this!

Awful face.
Tongue out.
Hand in the mouth to remove super spicy chili pepper.
Reached for his milk and began chugging.
Milk drips from his mouth, he refuses to close it.
The crying started.
I tried to encourage drinking more milk, he refused.
He begged "brush teeth NOOOOWWWWW momma!"
Mommy and Daddy laughing their butts off.
Lesson learned!

That little boy and his grimy hands best not touch my food ever again!
(Ok, I'm just kidding, all of that really did happen, but I'm not an evil psycho mom. Just a mom tired of having her food stolen by a little kid. Please don't call CPS on me.)
By the way, Blue Eyes, he loves spicy food! But I feel a little bad that his chin got all red from the spice.


  1. I hate to admit it but this had me in stitches... Hilarious!

  2. Oh i would so do this lol!!

  3. That is so funny!! My boys used to take food off my plate too, they learned a lesson with salsa. Funny, my youngest loved spicy and still does.. my oldest not so much. LOL!



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