Monday, April 26, 2010

When things get just a little too quiet...

(Story originally posted by me on my other blog on 3/2/10)
In a house with a 1 and a 2 year old you always have to be at the top of your game! I was cleaning up from dinner and washing some dishes. I was pretty impressed with myself for getting it done in a timely manner and I was even thinking ahead to mopping (yes I was going to mop, I HATE TO MOP!). Then I snapped back to reality and realized that it was really quiet. A little too quiet! I immidiately started looking for the 2 year old. These days he is usually the culprit. Not in the living room, not in the bathroom. A moment of worry set in! I wasn't worried for his safety, since our house is pretty safe. I was worried for whatever he was destroying! We don't call him Mr. Destructo for no reason! I found him. Here is what else I found:

What is this you ask? Keep reading.

Here is some more of it. Of course it would be in the pile of stuffed animals.

And in his bed. Didn't I JUST wash those sheets?

Even inside the Hot Wheels cars.

And finally on the window ledge, embedded into the small spaces of the window.

Mr. Destructo stole the Blackening Seasoning from the kitchen table and dumped it all over his room. I was so frustrated! But at least he gave me something to blog about tonight! Right?
Motherhood is a learning experience right? When our children are born, we don't instantly know everything. Just like we teach them everything, they teach us a few things along the way.

What I learned from this experience:

* Blackening Seasoning burns in cuts.
* Some stuffed animal fur holds on to powder much better than others. Therefore making it much harder to get it out.
* My new vacuum works great! (I'll post about it soon)
* The crevice tool of the vacuum works great at getting seasonings out of Hot Wheel cars.
* Always be worried when it is silent in the house!

Gotta love being a mom right? What have your kids done lately that just made you want to scream?

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  1. Always dangerous when things are quiet in our house too! Following you from Tag-Along Tuesday!



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