Monday, October 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 10/18

Gosh last weeks menu was good! I am on a menu planning roll lately! We didn't have the Cinnamon Apple Chops or the burritos last week. Instead we went on a date one night and I can't remember why we didn't have the other dinner. Here's whats on the menu this week:

Monday- Corned Beef, cabbage and potatoes
**Edited to add** Apparently this time of year is a pricey time of year to purchase a thing of Corned Beef, it was quite expensive! $17 for 4 pounds. That's a lot to me. Good thing I love my hubby, he's been begging for this for awhile.
Tuesday- Ruebens (using left over corned beef) Hubby really loves these!
Wednesday- Burritos
Thursday- 4 Cheese with bacon Mac n Cheese (recipe to follow)
Friday- Bourbon Chicken (double the sauce)
Saturday- Apple Chops
Sunday- Freezer meal, breakfast for dinner, or leftovers

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  1. You are very ambitious and organized!! Inspiring!

  2. I'm coming over for the corned beef and cabbage. Your menu looks great.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Looking forward to the mac and cheese recipe! We love bourbon chicken too, that was on our menu last week. :)



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