Monday, October 4, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 10/3

Have I mentioned yet how glad I am to be home? It doesn't seem like we've been home almost a week yet, but I guess we have! My family is way over eating out and our menu shows it. Lots of very yummy food this week!
My new Rachael Ray Magazine came this week and my new issue of Taste of Home came this week. Hubby actually flipped through them both (that's a first) and picked out quite a few things he wanted to eat! YAY! So here's whats on the menu!

Monday- Balsamic Pork Scallopine with Egg Noodles, Baked Brocolini (When I do the egg noodle part of that recipe again, I won't do the cream or cheese. We liked it better with just the balsamic sauce. Also the brocolini recipe was very sour and I would only do 1 Tablespoon of lemon juice next time, not two.)

Tuesday- Beef Stir Fry

Wednesday- Italian Sausage Grinders

Thursday- Cranburgers with Sweet Potato Fries

Friday- Ravioli

Saturday- Sweet and Savory Chicken Wings

Sunday- Leftovers

You can get more MPM ideas at


  1. Ok, yours is officially the best menu I've read yet today. :) Those all sound like things my family would enjoy!

    My menu is up HERE with recipe links if you'd like to take a peek.  :)

  2. Your menu looks so good and your kids are SO CUTE!



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