Friday, November 5, 2010

I want to learn something new!

Back way back when I knew how to crochet. Like middle school way back when. But honestly I wasn't super good at it and I didn't know what to make. All I ever made was a scarf and it started out great and got narrower and narrower. Frustration/boredom took over and I gave it up.

But when I was browsing through the crafty blog land I discovered "Inner Hooker"!

Her hats were so super cute that I just had to make one for my boys. One problem, she sells the patterns, I have to make the hat. Guess I have found my new hobby! I found my crochet needles, found some yarn and got to practicing. Turns out you never really forget the basics. By basics I knew how to make a chain and that was mostly it. You Tube to the rescue! So now I've learned a couple stitches and I am ready to make something.

Then one of my favorite crafty/mom bloggers Little Miss Momma is doing an Inner Hooker giveaway! SCORE! So I entered and entered and entered some more and hopefully I win the giveaway! The giveaway ends tonight so it's not too late to enter to win yourself!

So Little Miss Momma said she is going to learn to crochet so she can make an Inner Hooker hat and I think I will do so too! I'm holding her too it! (I hope she reads this so she knows that.) Make sure you follow along with me as I learn to crochet again!

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