Thursday, November 11, 2010

Snapshots of Life 10am

This is the first week I have remembered to take a photo at the time the ladies at Eighteen25 have told me. Snapshots of life is where you take a photo at the time they say and then you upload it to see what normal people are doing at different times of the day! I love seeing what people are doing. It's like looking in their window and seeing whats going on. Pretty cool so far! So here is what was happening at our house at 10am this morning!

Yep at 10am my son was eating cookies and sharing with his mommy. Sign me up for mother of the year! In my defense he has been up since 5am so it's not really that early for him! :) We had just finished cleaning up the house in preparations for speech and occupational therapy, and are going to have a fun family day celebrating our Veteran. Some might call him AD2 DeVries. But we call him DADDY! Happy Veterans Day!

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