Thursday, September 9, 2010

All Done!

Blue Eyes had speech therapy today and learned a new sign. We had been showing him "all done" for awhile but he doesn't do it well. I think maybe it was a little hard for him. The action for the sign "all done" is to touch your chest with both hands and then brush them out. (Really hard to explain) But today his therapist did it like when you are brushing the dirt off your hands. She wasn't teaching him the sign, just doing it as she talked. Well wouldn't you know he picked it right up! Great right? NOT! For the rest of the session he kept signing "All done" and would walk off. He wouldn't do anything!!!! Now everytime I try to get him to do something he keeps telling me "all done".


And please ignore the messy boy face. He's eating a PB&J.

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