Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tot School- Week 3

Tot School

There was no organized tot school this week. :(

Instead lots of life lessons happened.

A lesson in apologies:
Mr. Destructo learned when you tell a nice woman at the store "MOVE, you in my way.", you get a stern talking to and have to apologize to the woman. He was then banished to the shopping cart where he sulked until we left.

A lesson in body parts:
We visited our new pediatrician this week. Turns out we love him! I was so nervous to switch to a new doctor, but I wish we had done this sooner! The boys were smiling and laughing instead of the normal crying and screaming.
Dr. S. introduced Mr. Destructo to "boy shins". (Bruised up shins commonly found on rough and tumble boys.) Not sure why that was so funny but he hasn't stopped laughing about it sense! He also learned "both cars are in the garage!" when Dr. S did a quick look see in the pull-up area. The boys new doctor is so funny! But Mr. D isn't quite sure where the cars are. He didn't see any of his Hot Wheels but he still thought that was funny.

A lesson in animals:
We took the boys to the zoo this weekend. We actually got to see a lot of the animals this time! Usually it is so hot that the animals don't even want to move. These photos will be printed and I will be making an animal book out of them.

A lesson in Mommy's other job:
Occasionally I work as a photographer and this weekend was one of those occasions.  Mr. Destructo got to watch Mommy do her other job.
This beautiful young lady has a children's book coming out soon! I am proud to say that my photos of her have been used in the book! I'll keep you updated on that! Here are some more photos of that shoot.

Mr. Destructo asked me when we got home if he could take pictures of butterflies too. So I taught him how to use my camera. I may have to get him his own camera for Christmas this year. This Fisher Price Kid Tough camera looks pretty awesome!

Blue Eyes did get his Speech Therapy this week. He learned how to sign "all done". He also has started saying "book" this week. We are also working on signing and saying "open". He's getting it! Occupational and Speech therapy will both be here next week.

So not much "schooling" but we had a fun week. Maybe this week we will get something in before we leave for a few weeks for St. Louis!

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  1. Pretty sure we had that same life lesson at the store when my kidlet was younger with the same sulky results. It made me laugh to read that!

  2. Both cars in the garage...I am going to have to file that one away for the day we have boys in the house! Too funny!



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