Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fisher Price House Party!

A few weeks ago I found out that we were selected to host a Fisher Price House Party!

Whoo hoo!

**Insert excited scream here.**

I knew what we were getting but I didn't tell or show the boys. I wanted them to be super surprised when it came.

So today the big big box came today!

(I have a funny story about waiting for the box, but I will share that another day, like Tuesday.)

When I say big, I mean big! 79 pounds big! Thankfully the UPS man pushed it in the door for me.
I originally had the boys sitting and leaning on the box to show you size. But toddlers don't cooperate well.

Mr. Destructo was very excited to open it right away. Blue Eyes didn't realize what fun the box contained. (Turns out he thought climbing on to the kitchen table was more fun.) Here is a picture of Mr. Destructo when I first opened it up.

See how big the box is compared to his head!?

5 brand new Fisher Price toys! Talk about Christmas in September! I'll be blogging more about what was inside. But here is your sneak peek.

I set out all the toys on the table so I could get a good picture. My table is almost too small. I had to climb up onto the counters to get a photo of it all!

I can't wait for our House Party! It's going to be sooo much fun!


  1. that is way too fun!! Congrats to the boys! haha.

  2. I signed up to that one. It looks like it was a wonderful package.



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