Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tot School- Week 2

Tot School
Mr. Destructo is 32 months and Blue Eyes is 18 months.

This is our second week of Tot School and while we weren't as productive as last week I still think the boys had fun.

Our letter of the week was "R" and the color was red.

I had quite a few things planned but Mr. Destructo wasn't having most of it.

I let him do red Play-doh, which he loved and after I showed it to him, he didn't want to do anything else all week. Lesson learned! He also made race car tracks in the Play-doh with his trucks.

We also blew red bubbles and made prints. It took a few tries to get him to blow through the straw instead of suck. I don't have a photo of him doing it because I was trying to keep the soap and red dye 40 (which he is sensitive to) out of his mouth. I was playing with fire doing this activity. But he eventually got it and had fun popping them on his paper.

For lunch we had Race car sandwiches. I've never seen him eat lunch so fast!

We also started on our Thanksgiving wreath this week. For the next few weeks we will be painting the color of the week on to our wreath. When it is finished we will write what we are thankful for and hang it on the door.

I had planned to take the kids to the fire house to look at the Red trucks. But the fire trucks ended up coming to the neighboring street so we watched them here instead. We will go to the actual station another week.

The last thing I got him to do was to color his letter "R". He really wasn't as into it this week as he was last week. But he did love using the do-a-dots. I also got brave and let him use red glitter. Not sure what I was thinking.

We also learned about gardening this week.

The boys also learned about lemons. Mr. Destructo has learned to open the fridge and yesterday he pulled out the lemon juice. I told him he wasn't going to like it but he insisted. I got the camera ready and squirt it in his mouth. Their faces made me laugh of course!

Mr. Destructo spit it out, after a few moments he licked his lips and said it was good. I'm not sure my plan worked on that one. Blue Eyes, didn't make any faces really. I think he likes it. He did try to copy his brothers face but he just looked super cute instead of silly.
And lastly, my proud mommy moment came when Mr. Destructo came running out of his room yelling "Buh buh B Mommy!!" Giving praise and runny to see exactly wht he wanted to show me, sure enough he had made a letter B out of his blocks!!! I was so proud that he actually remembered the "B" from last week and could make one!!!

Blue Eyes had more free play than structured play this week. He did get an hour of play when his occupational therapist came, but he didn't even want to participate with her.

So that was our week! For more Tot School things visit 1+1+1=1.


  1. Love the ideas!!! Gonna try some of them with Ariel and Bubba. Bubba loves fire trucks also. My dads best friend is a fire fighter and works at station in portsmouth, I am planning on taking Bubba up there to get a tour and see the fire trucks up close. Would be great if you and the boys could come with us!! Let me know when you have some free time, and I will find out when he is working next. Might even be able to get them a short ride is what he said! :) :)

  2. LOL Love the lemon pictures. Trust a toddler to say it was good.

    Fun week!!

  3. Cookie Cutter + food = magic! When my oldest was younger, it didn't matter what I was putting in front of him if it was shaped into something cool. (At 6 he is much more suspicious and wants to know what is in everything lol).

    I've seen those clothespin wreaths, but how awesome to fit it into your school day, make it part of your color study, and end up with a wonderful fall treasure!

  4. Loved the ideas - especially the Thanksgiving wreath. I might have to 'steal' the idea so the kiddos can give them away as gifts.



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